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Q+A with REALTOR & Co-Owner Garry Tomashowski

May 31st, 2020 4:16 PM by Tomashowski Team

Meet Garry Tomashowski, REALTOR® and Co-Owner of Mt. Charleston Realty, Inc. We did a Q+A with Garry about his keys to success in real estate. ????

?What is the key to success in your role? 

Garry: Our clients success is our teams success. One of my key roles is negotiation strategy during the critical and delicate time of helping our Seller or Buyer come together with an agreement to sell or buy. How and when to make an argument - or what and why to counter can make the difference towards a successful agreement. 

?What is your philosophy on creating a great client experience? 

Garry: Being consumers ourselves, I look for service providers who listen, who are knowledgable and are on top of business in a timely manner. These attributes instill confidence with me that they care about my needs. That is the client exposure we work towards providing and our philosophy of service. 

?What do you like most about working with our family owned and operated team? 

Garry: It is the joy of working with family, knowing and feeling comfortable we all share the same philosophy of providing a certain level of service to our clients and the public. That a quality of service is really all that matters, the rest takes care of itself. Our family shares this goal together each day.
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Posted by Tomashowski Team on May 31st, 2020 4:16 PM


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