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SKYE CANYON, a 1,700 acre master planned community in northwest Las Vegas.  Skye Canyon will include aprx. 9,000 home sites including entry-level homes up to luxury homes.  Designed as a lifestyle community, Skye Canyon offers upscale amenities such as community center, swimming pool, basketball court, sports field, fitness center, yoga, community parks, jogging path and playgrounds. But with its close proximity to the Mt. Charleston recreational area, living in Skye Canyon allows for easy access and enjoyment of this unique, alpine mountain area.  Indulge. Immerse yourself and grow your family in the Skye Canyon lifestyle.

 We are the Tomashowski family, Angie, Garry, Katie, Steven, and Taylor, owners, broker, and realtors of Mt. Charleston Realty, Inc.  We sell in particularly unique communities of Las Vegas. This allows us to take exceptional care of the folks we work with. We are adept in assisting buyers for the Skye Canyon community lifestyle. We’re here to assist you when you’re ready.  Click here for client testimonials.



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